Moonridge Animal Park


Here are some photos of her with some of her many friends.


CC and a Big Bear sunflower

Deanna Lund, CC (necklace by Helga Wagner) and  Merrie Lynn Ross

Deanna Lund, CC, Debbie Richardson (curator of the Moonridge Animal Park) alpha baby male  wolf Narva  and  Cheryl Holdridge (an original Mousekeeter)

CC and baby alpha male wolf Narva

CC, 9 month old mountain lion Cascade and Deanna Lund

Deanna Lund, CC, Merrie Lynn Ross, owl  and  Sandra, the owl keeper


CC, Merrie Lynn Ross, Academy Award winner Shirley Jones holding an orginial leopard painting by Helmut Koller, Kate Linder, Esther Valentine (Young and the Restless) and Deanna Lund.