Jackson Hole, WY - 2003


Here are some photos of her with some of her many friends.


CC & Connie Stevens


CC with red white and blue boots
[eat your heart out Nancy Sinatra Jr.]

Cheryl Holdridge Post (an original Mousekeeter)  and CC (lead singer of the Teddybears) with  lots of bears from Westliveson Gallery

CC & Baywatch beauty Gena Lee Nolan

CC, Connie & Cheryl

THE THREE MOUSEKETEERS—Proving that they are never too old to put on their “ears” for a noble cause, these three Beverly Hills celebrities are seen on stage in Jackson Hole, Wyoming earlier this month at the CES Foundation’s gala fundraiser. Shown (left to right) are: Cheryl Holdridge Post (an original Mouseketeer), Connie Stevens and Carol Connors. CES (Community Entry Services) is dedicated to helping victims of brain injuries or disabilities to reenter society productively.
Photo by Tony Maddox
Beverly Hills Courier

CC, Cheryl , the Sheriff of Jackson Hole and the  alumuni hockey team

CC, Joanna Cassidy (from HBO's smash hit  show Six Feet Under)  and Cheryl Holdridge

CC & Ms. Wyoming

CC & the Sheriff of Jackson Hole