CC and Friends


Here are some photos of her with some of her many friends.


With a name like .....

CC and friends celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in style at the Beverly Hills Country Club. Pictured at the event (first photo from the left, first row): Mara New, Deanna Lund, hostess Carol , Connie Stevens, Kate Linder, JoAnne Worley, Charlene Tilton and Merrie Lynn Ross.

THE EAGLE AND 'N LYRICS HAS  LANDED ON CC's CHEST....NO STUPID BIRD OR CAT THERE?? (&% so  men tell us...but then they can only look but not touch.. or land).

CC sings for CC and writes her a little ditty, to boot.

Also presented her, CC "Hello Dolly" (for the record, both have the same initials) with a bottle of Dom Perignon dipped in chocolate from Shari's Berries, for her birthday bash.  Some other celebrities wishing CC a happy birthday were Joanne Worley, Debbie Reynolds, Red Buttons, Carl Reiner and Tyne Daly.  "For the record, " says this CC, "my birthday is November 13  --  I'm a Scorpio -- and I will accept DP and choccies too!"



CC at the California Golden Star Awards



CC sang  the national anthem at the  Beverly Hills Police Dept. dinner

CC testified at the trial because she spent time with OJ at the party the night before.

Priscilla Presley

Stella Stevens and Deanna Lund

Judge Lance Ito and his wife, former LA Police Sgt. Peggy York

CC and Dolly Parton at Reba McIntyre's party honoring the 2006 Oscar nomination of Dolly's song, "Travelin' Through", for the movie, "Transamerica"

Cheryl Holdridge (an original Mouseketeer), CC & Deanna Lund (Land of the Giants)

Holding 3 Jolly Green Giant shoes after the win over the Memphis Grizzlies 30March2003

CC with The Clipper Girls

CC and Mrs. Barbara Sinatra at the 18th Annual Frank Sinatra Golf Tournament, 2006, discussing CC's song, "Only the Music, Only the Song", which CC wrote as a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

CC and Dolly Parton
& Deanna Lund